Books of QiGong and Meditation

Written and illustrated by Attila Orosz

The Essence of Meditation

From the author of the critically acclaimed "The Beginner's Book of Meditation".
This volume is a revised and redesigned version of the original book, which as the readers' feedback has shown, was not only suitable for the beginner.

"A comprehensive and thoroughly 'user friendly' introduction [...] an ideal instruction manual that is very highly recommended for personal,
community, and academic library instructional reference collections."
(The Midwest Book Review, May 2015*)

* About the Beginner's Book of Meditation, on which this title is based

Learn traditional or contemporary breathing and meditation techniques from no-nonsense practical instructions while you discover the world of meditation, your inner self, and the underlying essence of all practices.

Featuring ten fully illustrated breathing techniques, twelve meditation methods and essential practical and theoretical advice and insight.

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Understanding QiGong

Still a work-in-progress, Understanding QiGong will provide a practical and theoretical basis for learning BaDuanJin, the most effective and most widely known QiGong, in an extended, longer-than-usual form.

Beides detailed and fully ilustrated instructions, the book will also provide advice on breathing and meditation techniques to use with your practice, and a full head-to-toe joint mobility workout to help you regain the natural suppleness for your body, allowing you to perform any QiGong with precise and accurate movements.

Coming soon!